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Go Global

Project-Based Learning provides rich, authentic learning experiences. The research and writing exercises alone are wonderful, but the resulting friendships are the best of all. In the past four years, my students have enjoyed collaborative learning experiences with 36 schools around the world. Creating these opportunities is easier than one might think. This is our story.

Global Dreamers

“Dream a Dream with Ein Ganim” is the call from the Marsha Goren‘s students at Ein Ganim School in Petach Tikva, Israel. Marsha and her Globaldreamers have created friendship and learning opportunities with hundreds of schools around the world. She welcomes students of all ages to join in their many projects. She believes that if she can help students from around the world become friends, that when they grow older, they will still be friendly. Explore the Globaldreamers website and choose a sharing project for your students.

“The Global Virtual Classroom is a free online educational program to promote communication, collaboration, and understanding among students around the world.” I was first introduced to this program by my colleague, Marsha Goren. Teams of students from three different school around the planet work together over a five-month period. The depth of learning is incredible. The volume of research and writing is immeasurable. The friendships as eternal. My students have participated for the past two years. Last year, with Marsha’s students from Ein Ganim School in Israel and Matt Kuntz’s students at Lincoln Elementary in Oak Park, Illinois, we won the elementary division. This year, our new partners were from Raey Guang School in Ping Tung, Taiwan and John Muir School in San Diego, California. We were just notified we made the final cut to the top six. After this small bit of experience, I must say that winning an award is simply a bit of icing on a rich cake of learning and friendship. My school, Harrison Elementary in Warsaw, Indiana. Is the only Hoosier school to have participated in this special learning opportunity. We would love to see more Indiana schools involved. Click the link to Global Virtual Classroom and begin making plans to join us in September.


2 Responses to "Go Global"

Hi Mr. Glass. I am a student teaching at Flint Springs in Huntington Indiana. I was in the breakout session when you talked on Friday. For my student teaching completion we have to observe in different classrooms. I was wondering if I could observe in your classroom. I am not very techy, but I like your Global Dream. I was very interested in your relationship with the school in France because I lived in France for a year. With the end of school, I really only have one day open. If it is possible, could I visit on Thursday May 6th. I will understand if this does not work out, but I thought I would see about the opportunity. All I want to do is observe a normal day in your room. Thank you.

Julie McCoy


Thank you, Julie. I look forward to your visit. The Huntington conference was terrific. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you and the rest of the Flint Springs staff. Chuck Grable’s leadership and the forward thinking of the school board will allow Huntington Schools students to reap huge educational advantages for their futures. You are a part of something special, Julie. Learn all you can while you are there. See you soon.

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